Temporary Traffic Calming


What is temporary traffic calming (TTC)?

Temporary traffic calming are installed within communities to try and resolve community concerns. They’re generally installed from May to October, otherwise, it would interfere with winter maintance. Each Councillor is given a set budget of where they want to place TTC in their wards. TTC only includes temporary measures such as flex-stakes, delineators, and pavement markings. You can read more about TTC here: https://ottawa.ca/en/parking-roads-and-travel/traffic-services/traffic-calming/temporary-traffic-calming-measures-program#section-65bb1aac-4f14-4b09-85ba-48b9be74f40b

Permanent measures such as speed bumps and other physical road modifications are not included as part of TTC. They would fall under the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming (NTC) program which is completely data driven. You can read more about NTC here: https://ottawa.ca/en/parking-roads-and-travel/traffic-services/traffic-calming/neighbourhood-traffic-calming-program

Measures Installed in 2024 (in alphabetical order):

1. Ashpark Cres – there will be paving markings installed noting that this area is 30 km/h

2. Blohm Dr (from Malak St to Karsh Dr) – flex stakes with delineators

3. Bloomington – speed pavement markings will be installed

4. Cahill Drive (from Bank St to Albion Rd South) – flex stakes with delineators will be installed

5. Conroy Rd (at Hunt Club) – cyclo-delineators

6. Downpatrick Dr (from Wyman to Downpatrick) – flex stakes and delineators will be installed

7. Forestglade Cres (from Blohm Dr to Nobleton) – flex stakes with delineators

8. Goth (Albion Rd to Dead end) – bulb outs with delineators

9. Huntersfield Dr (Newport Dr to Pike St) – speed pavement markings will be installed

10. Johnston Rd (Ewing and Blohm Dr) – adding delineators

11. Raj Terrace – slow down for us sign

12. Stedman St

Stedman (from Meandering Brook Dr to Parkin Cir) – bulb outs with delineators will be installed

Stedman (from Meandering Brook to Parkin Cir) – road narrowing delineators

13. Tapiola Cres

Tapiola Cres (Johnston Rd to Johnston Rd) – Flex stake with delineators

*please note that Tapiola is getting permanent changes as part of a different program*


13. Wisteria Cres

Wisteria Park (from Paul Anka to Paul Anka) –  the speed will be reduced to 40km/h. There will be pavement markings installed noting that this area is 40 km/h.