Public Meeting – Hunt Club Road and Riverside Drive Intersection Modifications

Sep 7, 2023 | Community Events, News Updates

On September 13th, I will be co-hosting a virtual public meeting to discuss the Hunt Club Road and Riverside Drive Intersection Modifications project. This will be a virtual public meeting where residents will be provided with an update on this project as well as an opportunity to provide their comments and feedback on the design.

If you wish to participate or learn more information about the project, please visit the project webpage:

What: The proposed Hunt Club Road and Riverside Drive intersection modifications include:

  • Introduction of a new northbound cycle track, and bike boxes at all four corners of the Hunt Club at Riverside intersection, to improve cycling level of service and safety.
  • Extension of the length of the northbound left-turn lane, through the Market Place intersection, to add capacity.
  • Introduction of a new median to channelize the northbound right-turn lane, to reduce undesirable merging movements.
  • Reconstruction of the northbound right-turn and southbound right-turn channels with active transportation crossings using protected smart channel principles, to improve the cycling infrastructure through the intersection.
  • Reconstruction of the existing guide rail at the northwest corner of the intersection, to respond to current standards.