Open air fire permits

May 8, 2023 | News Updates

A permit is required in order to light a fire on private property; this includes having a backyard fire or using a large fire pit. Population density and average lot size criteria were considered in the determination of the areas in which open air fires are permitted.

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Open air fires are prohibited in some areas

Ottawa Fire Services does not approve of open air burning in urban areas or near buildings. The use of an outdoor fireplace (either masonry or metal) is considered open air burning. Although these fireplaces are designed to be used outdoors and may limit the heat and sparks through their design, these reduced levels are still cause for concern. Outdoor fireplaces are not permitted in urban areas.

Devices that do not require a permit

  • Outdoor natural gas, propane or ethanol fireplaces.
  • Approved cooking appliances include gas, charcoal or propaneBBQ/hibachis or gas or propane outdoor fireplace [must be ULC approved]. Note:the device must be designed and intended solely for the cooking of food in the open air. It must not be used to burn wood, tree limbs, branches and/or non-compostable material.

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