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Beware of Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) Text Message Scam

Jun 28, 2024 | News Updates

Dear Residents,

We want to bring to your attention a recent scam involving text messages that claim to be related to Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) tickets. These text messages ask for payments for alleged speeding infractions and are not authorized by the City.

Please note the following:

  • The City of Ottawa mails ASE tickets to the registered plate owner. We do not send text messages or solicit payments via text.
  • If you receive a text message asking for payment for an ASE ticket, it is a scam. Do not respond or provide any personal information.
  • Report any suspicious messages to the Ottawa Police Service’s online reporting tool.( https://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/reports-and-requests/file-a-report.aspx) or by phone at 613-236-1222.

We are actively working to issue regular reminders and advisories through social media to keep you informed and protected. Your safety and security are our top priority.

Stay vigilant and informed.